Artistic Statement

"Through modern life and its turmoil, contemporary art takes on its full meaning. Today, more than ever the philosophy of the " here and now " applies " states Élise Caron. I took master's level classes on abstract art with Françoise Sullivan, co-signatory of " Le Manifeste du Refus Global au Québec " (Manifesto of Global RefusaI) who encouraged me and conflrrned the pertinence of my artistic approach.

This approach is closely tied to research on the composition and perception of an image. Following studies in Fine Arts at Concordia University (graphic design with a major in illustration), this research led me directly to Oriental art where I found my own truths. ln addition to conveying the technique of Chinese painting through "see and do", the masters communicated their philosophy. This enabled me to develop a very personal approach to art that was consistent with my way of thinking. My art is refined and abstract, inspired by my Western roots and my studies in design as well as my training in Oriental art and history.  I take an abstract approach to shapes, colours and space.

ln my work, I rely on abstract strokes to express the essential, in a style reminiscent of the Chinese calligraphic stroke. The position of the brush, which plays a fundamental role in the success of my compositions, results from the flexibility of the wrist, which in tum depends on the position of the arm and the shoulders, even the manner of breathing. The material used is such that each brush stroke becomes a reflection of the artist's soul. The quality of the stroke translates vital energy, the ch'i, or the breath of life. The shape describes the apparent reality of the subject while the vital energy expresses its inner strength. When it comes to composition, I begin by producing an imbalance with a line that is free and clear. ln balancing the yin and the yang, I establish equilibrium between voids and solids. Voids and solids are of equal importance to me. I do not view voids as either nonentities or backgrounds. Rather, voids become an integral part of the image, designed to give solids their full meaning. My style found further definition and refinement with the application of the Tai Chi philosophy to my brush.

Next, I restore spatial equilibrium with colour, which plays a major role along with my strokes. My use of acrylics showcases my interest in coloration. I first apply a flat, followed by my choice of colours and intensity, taking great care to apply and illustrate, on a quasi infinite scale, the all-over principle of abstract art through a succession of thin layers without depth or perspective. I never lose sight of the fact that my ch'i,  or vital personal rhythm, must infuse the work. "Art is a way for me to see and reflect the world. It is a blend of the philosophical, the poetic and the mystical. This approach allows me to produce art that is pure and spare " explains Élise Caron.